Our Mission

Our 250-square-foot wine room inside the liquor store only carries New York State wines. The wine room promotes, allows taste testings, and sells New York State wines. Cordially Yours not only has the first dedicated New York State wine room, but it is also the only Western New York mother and daughter owned liquor and wine store.

Why a NY Wine Room?

The NY wine room stemmed from independent wine shops trying to halt the sale of wine in grocery stores. This is our answer to help our industry and the wineries in jeopardy of losing business from the sale of wine in grocery stores.

“All of our New York wines were along the wall mixed in between the California and Italian selections. We had a large room that only housed our “boxed wines” and we began to think of ways we could put the space to better use. During this time, the issue of allowing grocery stores to sell wines was at the forefront of all our business decisions. It was an obvious move, we have the space and the dedication to New York Wines, lets show our commitment to the New York Wine Industry and make that room exclusively for the promotion of New York State Wines.”